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Self employment - Viable alternative to paid employment?

posted 5 Feb 2015, 05:17 by
In November 2014 the Trust for London organised a learning seminar to discuss the topic of self-employment and business start-ups. The seminar included a presentation by Armando Pardo, from the Association of Community Based Business Advice, on his experience of working with and supporting self-employed people and the viability of self-employment as a realistic alternative to paid employment. This was followed by a discussion, focusing on the following three questions:

What is the best way of supporting people to have realistic ambitions about self-employment?
Is there too much focus on the start up stage and not enough on support to grow their business?
Should the measure of a successful outcome be based on the number who are able to earn a living wage rather than the number of start ups?

Download the report of Armando's presentation and following discussion clicking the file below 
5 Feb 2015, 05:17