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European Delegation in Islington

posted 16 Apr 2011, 13:20 by
Delegates from several European countries came to Islington last week to meet with ACBBA, as part of the activities of an enterprise development project focusing on immigrant entrepreneurs. Delegates from Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Italy and the UK met at Islington Town Hall to discuss the findings of preliminary research into immigrant entrepreneurship and business support in each of the participating countries.
Although expected to be completed in June of this year, the research is already providing valuable information not just on entrepreneurial activity amongst different immigrant communities but also on their participation in the labour market and society as a whole. Delegates are also building a profile of different types advisers working with immigrant communities, including business advisers, to find out amongst other aspects what are the main services they provide, what are the main issues that immigrant clients discuss with them and what are the most important skills for their profession.
Delegates go for a walk by Regent's Canal in Islington
If you would like more information about the above project or other aspects of our European work, please contact Armando Pardo -