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Artists and Taxation - 11 Mar 2014

posted 25 Mar 2014, 04:05 by
I was thrilled when back in December of last year Creative Islington asked me to deliver a workshop on tax and money matters for their members. However, my excitement was soon followed by anxiety. I pictured myself facing a group of highly talented and experienced people - musicians, choreographers, designers, visual artists, photographers and producers to name but a few - and thought “I’m not going to be able to inject life into such a dry topic and I going to lose my audience”.

Fortunately soon after the presentation on 11 March was under way I realised my worries were misplaced. It soon became apparent that despite having years of experience, levels of income for many people in the audience were still relatively low and in this scenario increasing sales and paying no more than the right amount of tax were clear priorities. People were hungry for more knowledge on these issues.

Feedback given to Creative Islington suggests the session went down well:
      “I found the information excellently presented and very relevant” 
      “The material was presented at exactly the right speed, without it being dry and managing to cover everything that was necessary”
      “He’s a very warm, friendly person and this came across and helped make the workshop easy to follow and understand”

For my part, it was a real pleasure to have met so many artists and creative people and hope I can see some of them in the near future.

My Business Partner, a project soon to be launched and supported by Trust for London, will enable ACBBA to offer quality time and a range of resources to new and existing entrepreneurs, like those who attended the 11 March workshops as well as people operating in other business sectors. For more information write to