Clients & Partners Feedback

Testimonials from clients

The workshop was extremely thorough and well-presented. The key points of issues surrounding self-employment were well-covered in a structured manner, and I liked that we were encouraged to comment and air our own ideas and questions. (Tess Pearson, Electric Voice Theatre)

I find these (mentoring) sessions both informative and inspiring. Armando asks good questions which both address the potentials and difficulties of my projects as well as managing to find ways to re-direct, refocus and reshape my ideas. These sessions are incredibly helpful for me because they provide guidance and are follow up sessions which i would find very difficult to find or access elsewhere and I have tried in my own creative industry as there are lot of constraints, such as lack of experience, time and interest (Amandine Limtouch, Choreographer)

The Workshop was very very useful, the information portrayed from the Talker and his work was great and helpful. As well as the lovely support from other individuals within the group - there was a great atmosphere between everyone, respecting each other while answering questions or giving everyone a chance to express their thoughts/ideas/opinions. Great experience for myself! (Dominic Livingston, Motiiv)

At our first meeting, Armando took time to get to know me and understand in depth what I am trying to achieve. I spoke to another business advisor but he did not have Armando's depth or sensitivity. One of the most reassuring things about Armando is that he never uses platitudes, or lazy, cliched, business speak. He is realistic and sensible but also gracious and encouraging, so it is pleasure to see him and I feel my time is well spent (Natasha Gomperts, Portrait artist)

Another excellent session; all the objectives were met. In fact, over and above what I had hoped for. I am amazed at the scope of the information presented (Sacha Ikeme, Education Consultant) 

I found the workshop very useful. I wasn't initially sure if it would be relevant to me but Armando kept the information pretty broad. (Rachel Dein, Artist)

Very informative, useful, inclusive and sociable. I got a lot out of the workshop, thank you for organising it and have since been in touch with Armando for a one to one meeting. (Liz Lewis, Illustrator)

Testimonials from partner organisations

The participants were asked to rate the ACBBA course on a sliding scale from 1 to 10 with one being low and 10 being high.  Almost all the scores were between 9 and 10.  Individuals found the course to very useful, relevant and interactive.  The presentation style of the trainers were also scored very highly and said to be well suited to the participants learning styles (Shanice Lindsay, St Luke’s Community Centre)

Thank you very much for facilitating the session last night. It was brilliant!!! Everyone has already commented how much they enjoyed the session. It was better than expected! I particularly thought it was skilful how you gave examples for personal interests as well as for Mahlkah Well-being!! Thank you! (Yvette Allen, UEL Network)

I thought the session was excellent, very well prepared and extremely relevant to the sector and individuals attending the session. I have very much enjoyed working with you due to your professionalism, enthusiasm, efficiency and friendly, open nature (Rachel Toogood, Creative Islington)

I thought your input was great and believe that the people that were in the session found it useful. Thank you for sending me the hand-out as well (Jan Glockner, Islington Council)

It’s been great working with you as well, I look forward to working with you in the new year. The service you are providing is extremely valuable and appreciated by clients (Matt Lucas, Help on Your Doorstep)