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What's Community Based Business Support?

The Community-based Business Support Approach - The community-based business support, CBBS, model emerged in 2001 in London from a European Union funded pilot initiative to test the application of new approaches to promoting enterprise in communities experiencing socio-economic exclusion. Since then a substantial business support infrastructure has been developed comprising business advisers and community organisations operating in a wide range of communities in London. ACCBA emerged in the early stages of the project and is now central to the operation and future development of the CBBS model.

The Main Features of the CBBS Model:

Building on existing resources – The CBBS model acknowledges the existence of local knowledge, talent and connections and builds on these resources to develop a business support capability. It sees communities as equal partners in enterprise development. The model aims to enhance the social capital that exist in all communities and channels that capital into supporting both individual entrepreneurs and the community at large.

Development competent community based business advisers - The development of people into professional business advisers is essential to the model; its impact on clients and the wider community depends on the qualities of these community based business advisers. Emphasis is placed on their education through a programme involving training, mentoring, peer to peer support and participation in relevant networks.

Connecting with mainstream provision - Establishing effective networking and cooperation with mainstream business support providers is essential to ensure clients have access to a wider range of support as they get established.

See the attached document for further reading on the CBBS model 

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